Red Carpet of “The Fellowship of EMU”

Dec 12 '13

Red Carpet of “The Fellowship of EMU”

"The fellowship of EMU” produced by Intercontinental Concerts is the ultimate outcome of a pure feeling and emotion as a result of the student life, it is the abstract of the student life of friends who met each other at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and describes the powerful unbreakable connection between them. No matter how much distance is between them, they are always safe in each other’s hearts. The idea of the song is born in respond to the sorrows of the departures and Nostalgia of the best friends of the life after their graduation from the university. The lyrics narratives the description of the friends in the song, from the other friends tong in their own language. It represents the special property of that person, in the way that he/she has been known by his/her friends. More Info at

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