Shahed produced many concerts and show including his own multi-cultural concerts as well as featuring as Music Composer, Producer, Player and Audio/Recording Engineer in the other concerts such as Hoora Guitar Orchestra (largest guitar orchestra in Iran & Middleeast) and Violet Symphonic Orchestra. Some of the programs are as following:


InterContinental Concerts

2012 – 2017 – Cyprus & USA

InterContinental Concerts (ICC) is a multimedia production organization that produces music, live concerts, performance videos and feature films. ICC values diversity and promotes unity among all people on earth. The primary goal is to bring together artists from around the world to participate in various productions and projects.

From 2010 to 2017, Shahed produced a series of programs consisting of videos, music albums and live concert events featuring artists from around the world. Designed to express a global perspective, this international collaboration demonstrated how PEACE, LOVE and LIFE can be communicated through the language of music.

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1st ICC (Reunion of the Legends)

2012 – Cyprus More Details

2nd ICC (The Cyprus Station)

2013 – Cyprus 
 More Details

3rd ICC (Eternal Love)

2014 – Cyprus 
 More Details

4th ICC (Bringing Love in Hollywood)

2017 – California 
 More Details

Featuring Programs:


Violet Symphonic Orchestra

2008 – 2010 – Tehran / Iran

Violet Symphonic Orchestra began the activity in 1999 by gathering music students and performing classical and instrumental repertories. currently with a different point of view and new combination it follows production of music using persian pure literature by using poems of Mevlana and Sohrab Sepehri.

Shahed joined to this orchestra in 2008 as the Sound Engineer and video producer.


Vahdat Opera Hall

2010 – Tehran 

More Details

Roodaki Hall (Rehearsals)

2010 – Tehran 

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Hoora Guitar Orchestra

2004 – 2007 – Tehran / Iran

Every thing started at 1995, when the band’s name was HAMOON with only 5 members. 7 years later the band’s name changed to AFTAB with 40 and at last 60 players. The concert at the year 2002 had a great success. Then it is called Hoora Orchestra (registered name) and 95 players till 2005 has been joined to this orchestra also 3 singers (Bass, Bariton, Tenor). This orchestra founded by Nima Salami and  it became the greatest Guitar Orchestra in Iran and in the Middle East, in addition he was the program producer of the orchestra.

Regularly the orchestra had a concert each year in Tehran in famous halls and cultural centers. The greatest concerts were in 2003, 2006 and 2007.

Shahed joined to this orchestra in 2004 and continued his activities as the  keyboard, piano and guitar player.  Moreover he was audio engineer and one of music composers of the orchestra.


Art Cultural Center

2004 – Tehran 

More Details

Niavaran Palace

2006 – Tehran 

More Details

Andisheh Hall

2007 – Tehran 

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Radio / TV Studio

2007 – Tehran 

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