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3rd Inter-Continental Concerts (The Eternal Love) – In this performance, ICC continues to showcase a large variety of styles from different regions of the world. Each performance emphasizes an important theme such as unity, love, life, peace, education, and geopolitical concerns.

This event was made possible thanks to the generous participation of a large number of people who cooperated in writing, creating, playing and producing. This extraordinary event was the culmination of a four-year journey made by the ICC team.



2nd Inter-Continental Concert (The Cyprus Station) – Composed and produced by Shahed in 2013 at North Cyprus.  InterContinental Concert embraces two operating principles: First, we are determined to provide the space for creatives from all over the world to come together, collaborate and learn about each other’s culture and heritage. We believe that music offers the perfect vehicle for such a profound collaboration. Secondly, we want the music and performances to communicate our values. Our greatest hope is that the music we produce will inspire compassion and empathy in others.

The title of this concert is The Cyprus Station which refers to the Island of Cyprus where ICC was founded. Those involved in this project came to see this wonderful location as a transit station where many people from different places cross paths.



1st Inter-Continental Concert (The Reunion of the Legends) – Composed by Shahed and produced by Sam M. Pour and Shahed in 2012 at North Cyprus. Having a talent brings a responsibility was the slogan for the first Inter-Continental Concert. This performance was made possible by the artistic and technological collaboration of students from over 10 nations, spanning three continents. With a variety of music styles presented in four different languages, the performers touched on the universal themes of teamwork, empathy, unity and the beauty of cooperation. This successful event also brought several very popular and much loved university artists together onto the same stage for the first time. As a result, this event, held at the Eastern Mediterranean University in 2012, became known as The Reunion of the Legends.

The goal for this first concert was simple: bring people from different cultures together to create a themed artistic experience, but the result was something bigger than anyone could have anticipated. The musicians, dancers and technicians found a common purpose that infused their performances and proved that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While the magic could have ended when the show was done, the close bonds of friendship between all who participated continue to exist to this day.



Stars Dance Piano Concert – Performed by Shahed in 2011 at North Cyprus.