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Recorded patents in Department of Registrar of Companies and Industrial Ownership of Iran 2002 -2004:

Features of the Project: 

This system which electronically has the  capacity of  controlling  and operating with  high  frequencies, through  accurate  programming, can be  used in various industries. The most important advantage of this system is capability of creating  Step Motors  with less cost  and  amortization  which  can   be  used  in different industries production lines.

This project takes the advantages of a powerful monitoring  system  which is capable of displaying perfect details ( such as motor  speed  rpm , system functional frequency, the rate of conveying speed of industrial parts on a conveyer line between two points of industrial units and  counting pieces).

Motor normal functioning is in the form of circular 360 degrees movement with favorite motor circulation that is electronically or mechanically adjustable.

Step Motor various modes are as followings:

1- Circular movement from 2  to 180 degrees with two different speeds and stopping for required period at the end of each 180 degrees.

2-  Capability of circulation in shuttle mode in 180 degrees

3- Capability of controlling speed and motor power separately per circular 90 degrees movement and capability of circulation in shuttle mode in 90 degrees.

4- Ability of controlling speed and motor power separately per circular 45 degrees running and capability of circulation in shuttle mode in 45 degrees.


The plan utilization cases:

The mentioned plan can eliminate some social needs which are mentioned as followings:

A)  In some industrial sites such as Chemical production industries, oil and gas transferring lines and those factories which dangerous chemicals or explosives are used in their production line, applying ignition engines requires consuming more energy and ultimately leads to higher expense, meanwhile using electro motors because of electrical or electromagnetic inductance is very risky and perhaps ends in exploding of chemicals or oil and gas, and utilization of security systems naturally  involves relatively higher costs.

Moreover, the above mentioned project in related industries because of using ineffective Nitrogen gas or compressed air in operating elements, functions reliably also as the body of those elements are made  of Aluminum there is no inductance and even if there is any need of electronic control system, it can be installed far from operating elements.

B) Industrial using as Step Motors

By changing the working program of motors and programming system which is done electronically (finger touch) operating elements can be changed to Step or Stage motors.

The above mentioned system can be used in those industries which their production line is leveled or stepped. For instance, in a production line a work piece should move and halt for a short while to be drilled in a point and then moves until it will stop in the next step and after being bent on its corner it can go ahead to be painted or any other programmed operation can be done on it easily by controlling system (finger touch system).


Benefits of Plan 

1- Reduction of fuel consumption in industrial environments.

2- Decreasing air pollution.

3- Increasing system running time.

4- Simple installation and initiation.

5- Easy reparation  and maintenance.

6- Using in  those  places  where  working  of   Ignition (inner combustion engines)  or  Electro   Motors   is  dangerous  or  impossible.

7- Using  an operating motor, both as a source of  production 360 degree circular movement with functioning Step Motor.

8- Decreasing amortization and simplicity of engine  parts so that results in reducing costs.


Project explanation

In this project all Head cylinders along with Valves are omitted from ignition engine and replaced with an electronic control system and a simple and small electro mechanical system, in this case by omitting valves, head cylinders and camshaft it will be probable to remove much more residence which is, for instance, on the very valve tight springs, and results in more output power, less fuel consumption, less parts depreciation and lightness of engine.

Turbo charger and fuel injection are used in this system and a vacuum pump in the exhaust pipe, which is equipped with a catalytic converter is used to exhaust the gases. These facilities all-together form a complex that leads to less fuel consumption and less air pollution.

Generally the engine will run its ordinary course with a difference that instead of valves an electro mechanical system is used to inhale fuel and exhale gases.

Upon jump – start, by the control of electronic system (ECU), through electro mechanical operating unit, fuel goes into cylinder and explodes after being compressed. In exhaustion stage gases are exhaled by an electro mechanical system and after passing through exhaust pipe and catalytic converter gases are released in the air.

In particular condition of engine, turbo charger and vacuum pump operate and spurt fuel together with compressed air into the cylinder and are exhaled by vacuum pump of exhaust. This operation causes to complete combustion and better power output.


Purposes of project

1- Reducing fuel consumption.

2- Decreasing air and environment pollution.

3- Lessening engine parts and amortization.

4- Increasing ignition motor running time.

5- Decreasing cost.

6- Increasing power and outcome rate of ignition engine.

Description of Thermo dynamical Circulation:

Combustion is not used in this system that is based on Thermo dynamical circulation and the required heat is supplied to engine from the atmosphere temperature (30 C’). In this circulation to create vertical power Nitrogen is utilized as a fluid . In the next stages, by this power we can produce mechanical energy for various applications.

Nitrogen is stored in a specific receptacle and it is conducted into a radiator and it touches air temperature, once again it is stored in a secondary small receptacle, finally, it produces vertical power that is changeable to mechanical energy.

Nitrogen returns to air without any harmful and waste substances. This circulation requires no cooling system.


Producing Mechanical Energy:

In the previous stage creation of vertical power by using Nitrogen was described in this stage converting the vertical power into mechanical energy is explained:

In order to convert vertical power into mechanical energy we can utilize turbine or piston engines. Turbine engines are used when there is not much need for torque, and speed of engine, according to necessity can be increased highly up to four hundred thousand per minute.

Piston force engines are used when there is much need for torque. Of course we can join these engines to gear box and use them in different fields.

Explanation of project:

The general features of the engine:

Ignition system is not used in this engine but with somewhat changes in its manufacturing technology, Cylinder and Piston are used in the same way. Pressurized and regulated compressed air, stockpiled in a receptacle, provides the necessary energy for the engine. In this kind of engine cooling system is less necessary and a small (compact) cooling system is assembled on the engine. Also having suitable power makes it able to move the other parts. In order to keep working, the engine charges the receptacle by an electrical compressor. The engine is designed in a way that it does not produce any burning pollution like ignition engines. As its power is provided by compressed air therefore exhausted air on its return to the environment carries no extra and insalubrious substances and consequently it dose not damage the ambient circulation and after receiving energy of compressed air it is released to the environment.

System of engine function:

After compressed air releasing from the receptacle it is directed to the air controlling system that is designed in two modes and then to get the regulated pressure and stable measure to run the engine enters the respective regulators. In the next step after timing, compressed air is sent to the transmission part. The air enters each cylinder in rotation and engine starts running. Moreover, structure of this kind of engine is rather simpler than ignition engines. Comparing with ignition type it consists of fewer parts and its structure and design are easier and cheaper.

Its reparation and trouble – shooting is remarkably easier. Besides, it produces the least heat and it is lighter than ignition engines, in addition, this kind of engine with 6 cylinders creates considerable power.

At present a two – cylinder model (mock-up) with 8 Bar pressure and 300 Watt is being made and is passing final stages of production.

Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi – Hassan Abbaszadegan



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Abstract: – In this article, we propose our solution to support the idea of a world without discrimination, oppression and violence using music, performing arts and science. Putting art and science together, our solutions aim is to develop cognition among people using their mutual response to art. A Scientific purposeful use of art enables us to build emotional connection among people and thus motivates them for more cooperation and understanding.

This paper presented by Shahed and Sam at the 8th European Peace Research Association Conference hold on 7 – 9 November, Famagusta, North Cyprus.