The Iranian award winning Musician/Media Producer Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi - born in Tehran in 1986 - discovered his passion of music at very early ages. He was eight years old when he started learning music and playing Santoor (Iranian Traditional Instrument) and immediately showed a specific fondness and talents for music composition, audio recording and being creative as he recorded five patents and several prizes of invention and innovation related festivals up to age of 18.

At the age of 18 he started his higher education in four different fields. Information Technology as his academic major, Music Composition, Sound Engineering and Video Production. He graduated from Southern Cross University of Australia in Computer Engineering and completed two master degrees in Information Systems and Visual Arts at Eastern Mediterranean University. He also had successful activities in Media, Music and Sound Engineering with famous orchestras like Hoora Guitar Orchestra and Violet Symphonic Orchestra in Iran.

In 2008 he established Elec-Arts Center in Iran and started to teach computer music production beside providing the audio studio equipment and studio setting up.

In 2010 he immigrated to Cyprus to continue his education. During his master course he improved immensely and became one of the university's media producers beside the university's Press and TV. By studying in a multicultural academic environment at Cyprus and observing different people with different cultures and skills, he planed to create a media program in an artistic form with participation of people from different nationalities to share the arts and skills. The result was establishing Inter-Continental Concerts Organization and the 1st Inter-Continental Concert on May 2012.

Up till now (2016), he produced several concerts as well as publishing two music albums (The Journey and Cyprus Lives) with award winning music tracks which were successful from the generous participation of a large number of international people from East-Asia to Mediterranean Rim and Africa who cooperated in writing, creating, playing and producing the pieces.

Currently he is the Music Composer and Producer of Inter-Continental Concerts which is a multicultural multimedia production organization in United States. You can follow his activities on the other pages of this website either .

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