“You don’t have to know what styles or genres, or even what instruments they are playing to enjoy the music that is played with obvious passion. It’s eminently danceable and perfect for parties.”
Art & Culture Maven Magazine

Honors & Awards

Shahed won several music awards, recognitions and many positive reviews about his music as a world-fusion music artist. He is the International Songwriting Competition’s winner and recognized as world-beat artist of the year 2017 by Akademia Music Awards. Music Connection Magazine featured Shahed as multi-talented DIY artists in Jan 2017 and also placed him into the 2016’s Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists.

Winning Awards:

  • 2016 – International Songwriting Competition (ISC) – World Music Winner
  • 2016 – Global Music Awards – Medallion for World Music
  • 2016 – Global Music Awards – Medallion for Production of Album “The Journey”
  • 2017 – Akademia Music Awards for Pop Music
  • 2017 – Akademia Music Awards for World-Beat Music
  • 2017 – Akademia Music Awards’ World-Beat Artist of the year


  • 2016 – Nominee for Song of the Year Award
  • 2017 – Nominee for American Tracks Music Award
  • 2017 – Nominee for Global Peace Song Awards

  • 2017 – Southern Cross University’s Young Alumnus of the Year


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